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Do cats get sad?

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

There are a few things that can make your cat sad. Cats are very sensitive. They can be sad because they are hungry, thirsty, because they feel like they are not getting enough attention, or because of a change in their environment. Cats also experience sadness when they are sick.

Signs of a depressed cat

1.) Excessive scratching to relieve stress and your cat may be marking their territory

2.) Vocalization changes from how they normally meow. A quiet cat may be more vocal and a vocal cat may become less vocal. Sometimes more low pitched mournful yowls. Purrs do not only show you that they are happy, due to the fact that purrs may be a way to comfort themselves.

3.) Some common behaviors that they share with us as unhappy adults are not eating, excessive sleep, lack of grooming or by loosing interest in previously enjoyed activities. Excessive sleep by choosing a new spot that may be hidden.

4.) Stress, depression and sadness in cat may exhibit itself by urinating in unusual places. This may be due to using their own scent to feel better. Especially where the scent of a deceased pet or human may linger. Bathroom habits are a large sad or depression sign in cats.

How to help your sad cat and help your cat during the holidays

Try some of our solutions and don't forget, if need be, check with your veterinarian.

1.) Stick to a routine. Keep steady times for meals and playtime especially during the holidays when humans are especially busy. They crave affection so cuddle with them on your lap.

2.) Boredom in cats, which can be enhanced, when you leave your home. So play with them and give them extra attention.

#1 new release. Rate 4.6 out of 5. Review: This interactive toy has changed our life's. Luna can not resist chasing , trapping, and running after it.

I love how it starts and stops . She will get bored and then all of a sudden it will cherp and start flashing, and rolling again ..she is off again.

It has entertained her for hours.. would be perfect for family's that have to leave their cats alone to keep them active and engaged.

3.) Provide a spot where they can look out the window.

Ratings 4.4 out of 5. Review: My cat loves to sit on a windowsill so I bought him this perch.

I was a little nervous about it at first as it adheres to the windowsill and then is held up by the black metal pieces that rest on the wall. I wasn't sure it would stay put.

I also wondered about the white fluffy top.

No need, it's sturdy and stays rock solid, I vacuum the top with an attachment and it comes up looking brand new.

He loves his perch, I just wish the metal stays were white instead of black, I mean, who has black walls.

4.) Give them something extra to focus on, more stimulation, that enhances their natural instinct for birding.

Rating 4.4 out of 5 from 2,298 ratings. Review: The birds didn’t come to this new feeder for a while. I saw a couple fly towards it and leave, so I removed the perch and they started to come and eat from it. It can hold the weight of a big pigeon too. I like that it’s clear and has a hole to see the birds from. It’s very sturdy and easy to clean and fill. I also added some colorful stickers to it because it’s clear and it may go unnoticed by the birds.

5.) Just as humans, they need extra entertainment at times, for something to look forward to. Turn on the tunes. Turn on the TV.

Ratings 4 out of 5. 392 ratings. Review: I put this on my computer for her to watch, and aside from her stepping on the keys with excitement, I do think it was a good idea to play it on the computer. It was fun for her to watch it on this because she could get close to the screen and try to touch the animals & birds. She was entranced by the butterflies in the beginning, batting at the screen and putting her face up to it. There is a segment with a string dangling that she actually tried to play with too. She'd change positions on the bed, and so when I turned the computer or moved it for her, she continued to watch & play with it. That is another nice aspect about putting it on the computer. She even watched it when I had to put it on mute for a phone call. The DVD switches between segments often enough that she doesn't get bored with it. The objects vary between butterflies, birds, ducks, cats, and strings, etc.

6.) Special treats are always welcome.

Ratings 4.5 out of 5. 4,074 ratings. Review: I have two picky eaters that also have sensitive digestive systems (one vomits frequently after eating and the other is prone to diarrhea). Finding treats that they both like and that both their bellies tolerate has been a challenge. They like and do well with the Orijen original cat dry food so I thought I would try these treats. They love them! I give them both alone as a snack and crumbled on top of their wet food when they need a little extra incentive to eat it. They are expensive - there's not a lot in the bag - but they are worth it to have something that the cats enjoy without causing them any issues.

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